Introducing Breaking Ground

A Web Series and Newsletter Exclusively For Builders!

We’ve searched the internet for something like it, but couldn’t find it.

So, we decided to make it ourselves.

Marketplace Homes is proud to unveil Breaking Ground, our brand new web series and newsletter. Every week, we will release a video about builder-related current events with an accompanying newsletter. This is will be a place for builders to discuss topics that they care about.

So, first thing’s first. How did we come up with the name and logo for our web series?

The Name

Breaking Ground is a builder-specific term that refers to the initial digging that prepares a home’s lot for building. It’s a crucial first step. The ground is leveled, debris are cleared, trees are removed, and builders can ensure that the grading is just right to prevent drainage issues. All this preparation ensures that the house will stand on a firm foundation. Just so, we want to give our builder partners the best digital community experience, providing useful information to help them move confidently in their ventures. When you prepare well, your building will thrive.

The Logo

Our logo is also a product of a lot of deliberation. After a few rounds of voting and scrutiny, our marketing team decided that this design encapsulated our values the most:

Since Breaking Ground is a product of Marketplace Homes, we wanted to retain the spirit of our branding design in its color, shape, and font. We also felt it important to have a logo that looked as if it were in motion. The shovel at an angle implies movement, while the broken ground beneath it symbolizes the work in progress. Likewise, this newsletter and web series intends to stay on top of the building industry, which has constantly evolving needs.

As market conditions change, our team will be on top of the most relevant news to help builders make the best decisions for their business.

What do you think of the name and logo of our new web series?

What do you want to see in our newsletter and video?

Marketplace Homes looks forward to delivering some quality builder content through our web series and newsletter made exclusively for builders!

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